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Reflecting on Irvine Talks and the Power of Storytelling

4/2/21 | Delaney Wong

In a year defined by so much hardship, struggle, and loss, one thing that brings us together and grounds us is the understanding that each and every one of us has a story to tell. It’s what makes us human. Every person we’ve ever met, every obstacle we’ve had to overcome has shaped each and every one of us into unique people with unique pasts and a unique...

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Introducing Me: Lana

2/25/21 | Lana Ramadan

Hey! I’m Lana Ramadan, the Marketing Director at Hearts to Heroes. I essentially make most of the graphics you guys see on our social medias, in addition to some other creative media behind the scenes. I honestly adore my role, sitting down and making our graphics has become such a therapeutic way to wind down and be creative. Not to mention how...

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Introducing Me: Swathi

2/24/21 | Swathi Jagadeesan

Hi there! My name is Swathi Jagadeesan and I am currently a junior at Portola High School. As the Secretary at Hearts to Heroes, I am responsible for meeting legal requirements and for maintaining accurate documentation. In addition to this, I write the newsletters for Hearts to Heroes, which provide COVID-19 updates, volunteer opportunities...

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Introducing Me: Cailyx

2/24/21 | Cailyx Quan

Hello, my name is Cailyx and I’m the Fundraising Director at Hearts to Heroes! My role is to bring in money so we can gather resources like PPE and care package items and get them where they’re needed. For a high schooler with no financial expertise, it’s kind of a spontaneous task, a really fun one. I often find myself in new territory such as researching...

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Introducing Me: Amanda

2/23/21 | Amanda Wu

Hello! I’m Amanda Wu, the Director of Operations at H2H. I plan everything from our day-to-day tasks to special projects to long term goals! I make sure that everything is going according to plan and that we’re growing everyday. (If anyone asks, my guardian angels are Asana, Notion, and Google Calendar.) I also take part in editing our videos…

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Introducing Me: Delaney

2/23/21 | Delaney Wong

Hey guys! My name is Delaney and I’m the Volunteer Director and one of the Co-Founders of Hearts to Heroes! I’m the one sending out all the emails to our volunteers, organizing pick-up and drop-off days, and packing the care packages and cards you guys help us make so that they’re ready to go straight to our heroes! I absolutely LOVE my...

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Introducing Me: Mahmoud

2/23/21 | Mahmoud Ali

Hello! It's Mahmoud Ali, Financial Director here at Hearts to Heroes, and I’m very glad to have you on our blog page! 


I moved over here (Irvine, CA) from Egypt back in 2017. I’ve been a soccer player since I was three years old and it’s never worn away...

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Introducing Me: Armita

2/23/21 | Armita Mirkarimi

Hey! My name is Armita Mirkarimi and I am the Communications Director at Hearts to Heroes. In a nutshell, I’m the delivery person for Hearts to Heroes. Just kidding :) I am basically in charge of reaching out to the essential worker group we donate to, coordinate, and deliver all donations. My favorite part about what I do at Hearts to Heroes is the... 

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Introducing Me: Haley

2/23/21 | Haley Chan

Hi! I’m Haley, the Executive Director of Hearts to Heroes. As the Executive Director, I manage and oversee all of our activities, projects, and events. It sounds boring at first, but I love every bit of it. I love meeting with our team of eight every Friday night, I love checking up on the status of each new project we begin, and I LOVE learning more... 

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Round 19 Rundown: The Boxes that Matter

1/12/21 | Armita Mirkarimi

Hey! Armita, the Communications Director, here. I’m so excited to give you a rundown of everything that happened in Round 19. This delivery was one that I will always remember. We donated 100 care packages, 1,000 goggles, 3,000 respirators, and 200 3-ply masks to St. Joseph. Delaney Wong, our Volunteer Director, also joined me for this delivery... 

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